We carry complete cargo by trucks with standard tent semi-trailers, refrigerators, mega-trailers, and large auto-trains. Possible load through the back, side or top, maximum solid cargo length is 13,6 m, width – 2,48 m, height – 2,68 m for a standard semi-trailer, and 3 meters for a mega-trailer and an auto-train. Our activity area – […]

We complement partial cargo from 1 to 33 euro pallets from all European countries to Lithuania and the Baltic States, we collect smaller cargo via partners’ terminals, we load larger ones straight into a trailer, we deliver all cargo from “door to door”. By a customer’s request, we arrange all cargo collection and delivery terms […]

Export cargo carriage from Lithuania to west Europe is the direction we have greatest experience in, we service both large-scale customers, having high flows of cargo, and smaller companies, which constantly export their production in higher and lower volumes.   In order to get faster offer about carriage possibilities and price, please fill in this […]

Import cargo carriage from west Europe to Lithuania is the priority and most intensive direction of our work, therefore we may offer the most favorable prices and the most acceptable cargo delivery terms.    

Experienced logistics specialists are prepared to answer all questions related to the cargo carriage and logistics immediately. We will give the best price offer in a few hours for everyone who is inquiring. We communicate in English, Russian, Polish, German and French languages therefore we can help to clear all cargo carriage conditions and circumstances […]

When a complicated carriage process consists of several different stages, we may offer our customers multimodal carriages, including land, rail, sea and air transport services.   We order ferries in the main ferry lines, we apply flexible discount and payment system. By customer’s request, we insure cargo, work with customs brokers, terminals, and companies providing […]

In order to guarantee continuous provision of transport services, we conclude long-term cooperation contracts and responsibly implement our obligations. We work both with single cargo and intensive cargo flows. We see into individual needs of every customer and seek for the most optimal solution. Small and large Lithuanian companies, foreign firms and well-known international corporations […]

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