Carriage of partial cargo

We complement partial cargo from 1 to 33 euro pallets from all European countries to Lithuania and the Baltic States, we collect smaller cargo via partners’ terminals, we load larger ones straight into a trailer, we deliver all cargo from “door to door”. By a customer’s request, we arrange all cargo collection and delivery terms with suppliers and recipients, we inform about the arrival of transport and cargo in advance.


Parameters of partial cargo:

Size and weight ratio in land transport: 1 m3 = 333 kg

Euro pallet dimensions: 120x80x265 cm, maximum weight – 740 kg

Finnish pallet dimensions: 120x100x265 cm, maximum weight – 925 kg

Industrial pallet dimensions: 120x120x265 cm, maximum weight – 1060 kg

1 loading meter (LDM – loading meter), maximum weight – 1850 kg

Paraykite mums