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About us

UAB Meta Baltic – a company providing international cargo carriage services, established in 2013, uniting a professional team with long-term work experience in the areas of transport, logistics, and forwarding. We are seeking to create the service product of enduring value, therefore all our services are directed at perspective and long-term cooperation.


We work competitively and flexibly, so we can satisfy the needs of carrying nearly any size and volume cargo at import-export directions within the limits of the European Union and offer the best cargo transportation price and conditions. We consult free of charge, prepare and provide individual offers on all issues of cargo carriage, transport and logistics. Our goal is to become a leading company which provides high quality logistics services and meets all expectations of customers.


If you trust your cargo to our experienced specialists, you will be secure about the quality of services, timely loading and delivery, and you will minimize your logistics costs as well.


We are reliable and loyal, and we expect the same from our customers and partners.

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